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About Us

Mediawan is the first agency of its kind in the region that provides media, creative and communications services in the local market and in the local languages. Mediawan derives its energy from an international network of artists, media professionals and communications experts who have a rich hands-on professional experience and and in-depth knowledge of the local market. Combining international standards of highest quality and best practice with clear awareness of the needs and requirements of the local market, mediawan is able to deliver highest quality video and audio content in addition to other media and PR services. In production, Mediawan can produce top quality TV programs ranging from short spots to full-length TV shows. Our experts have worked in TV production globally and locally. They combine international standards of TV production with the local knowledge to get you the best production for the client’s needs. Mediawan also offers professional radio production services from script writing to delivery. Our areas of expertise include radio commercials and podcasts. In the print area, Mediawan provides high quality prepress and editorial services for newspapers, newsletters, journals and books. Our team can manage and implement projects from the concept phase to its distribution. We deliver the end product on time and according to your specific requirements. For online, mediawan provides a wide range of online services including web design and development, mobile app development, social media campaigns, online-specific audiovisual production, and online advertising.

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